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Personal data
Name Mulyati
NIP 196307061987102001
Date of birth Malang, 6 July 1963
Gender Women
NPWP 58.795.267.2-654.000
Position Academic Administration, Academic Subdivision - FE
Religion Christian
Status Married
Office address Building E5 1st Floor, Faculty of Economics, UM, Jl. Semarang 5 Malang
History of Rank and Class Junior level I, I / b, TMT. 01-10-1987
Interpreter, I / c, TMT. 01-10-1991
Young Regulator Tk. I, II / b, TMT. 01-04-1998
Regulatory Tk. I, II / d, TMT. 01-04-2006
Young Administrators, III / a, TMT. 01-04-2010
Young Administrators Tk. I, III / b, TMT. 01-04-2014
Educational background SDN Tanjung Rejo Malang (1975)
SMPN 6 Malang (1979)
SMEAN Malang (1982)

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