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Personal data
Name Drs. Diding Kusumahadi, M.Si.
NIP 196509181990031002
Date of birth Malang, 18 September 1965
Gender Man
NPWP 89.572.711.3-652.000
Position Head of Sub Division of General Affairs and State Property - FE
Religion Islam
Status Married
Office address Building E3 1st Floor, Faculty of Economics, UM, Jl. Semarang 5 Malang
History of Rank and Class Young Administrators, III / a, TMT. 01-03-1990
Young Administrators Tk. I, III / b, TMT. 01-04-1994
Administrators, III / c, TMT. 01-04-1998
Administrators Tk. I, III / d, TMT. 01-01-2002
Advisor, IV / a, TMT. 01-04-2006
Educational background SD PPSP Malang (1977)
PPSP Junior High School Malang (1980)
SMA PPSP Malang (1983)
S1 State Administration University of Brawijaya Malang (1988)
Master of State Administration, Brawijaya University Malang (2002)

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