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Personal data
Name Akidah Fitrah, ST
NIP 198401012006041003
Gender Man
NPWP 79.994.815.3-652.000
Date of birth Sila-Bima, January 1, 1984
Religion Islam
Status Married
History of Rank and Class Regulator, II / c, TMT. 01-04-2006
Regulatory Tk. I, II / d, TMT. 01-04-2010
Young Administrators, III / a, TMT. 01-10-2011
Young Administrators Tk. I, III / b, TMT. 01-10-2015
Administrators, III / c, TMT. 01-04-2018
Position History Staff of the Academic Subdivision of the Faculty of Letters, TMT. 01-08-2006
Staff of the Subdivision of Finance and Human Resources (PUMK), Faculty of Letters, TMT. 01-01-2008
Staff of the Subdivision of Finance and Personnel (BPP) Faculty of Letters, TMT. 01-01-2012
Head of Sub Division of Finance and Personnel, Faculty of Economics, TMT. 02-08-2016- present
Educational background SDN No 7 Sila Bima NTB (1995)
SLTPN 1 Bolo Bima NTB (1998)
SMUN 1 Bolo Bima NTB (2001)
Diploma in Electronics Engineering, State University of Malang (2004)
S1 Electrical Engineering, Brawijaya University Malang (2006)
Training History Pre-Position Training Group II at LPMP East Java Surabaya (2006)
PC Hardware Training at E-Biz Education Center Surabaya (2007)
Spending Treasurer Functional Training by Malang Financial Training Center at UM (2010)
Intensive Technical Guidance of Government Goods / Service Procurement Experts at MUs (2011)
Technical Guidance on Safe Ways from Audits and Legal Aspects in the implementation of Management of Central and Regional Public Service Bodies in Bandung (2013)
Basic Level Cooperative Education and Training for Representatives of KPRI Members of State University of Malang (2013)
Technical Guidance on Performance Appraisal Systems, SKP, SOP and ASN Socialization and Competency Improvement of Government Goods / Services Procurement in Batam (2014)
Advanced Cooperative Education and Training for Representatives of KPRI Members of State University of Malang (2015)
Financial Management for Expenditure Treasurers by LSMAP (Institute for Study of Public Budget Management) in Jakarta (2015)
Expenditure Treasurer Technical Guidance at State University of Malang (2015)
Level IV Training and Education at the East Java Province Training Agency, Surabaya (2017)
Financial Management Training: Internal Audit held by PPM Manajemen Jakarta (2017)
Microsoft Office Certification Training and Examinations Organized by PT. Infosis Surabaya at FE UM (2017)
National Technical Guidance on Higher Education Financial Management by LP3M Padang State University in Jakarta (2017)
Socialization and Workshop: Implementation of National Research Master Plan (RIRN) & National Research Agenda (ARN) and Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education's Scientific Publication Policy in Yogyakarta (2017)
Basic / First Level Technical Guidance for Government Goods and Services Procurement Organized by IAPI Jawa Timur Surabaya (2018)
Training and Workshop of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System organized by Global Group Surabaya (2018)
Job Analysis Training for Employees of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education organized by the Kemristekdikti Pusdiklat (2018)
Human Resources Management Training (IDB Fund) organized by PPM Management Jakarta (2018)
Training Certified Basic Human Resource (CBHR) organized by Bina Karir Bandung by PT. Care Indonesia Solutions in Samarinda (2018)
Training Supervisory Development Program Organized by Kalika Group Jakarta in Semarang (2019)
Technical Guidance on Guidelines for the Preparation of Financial Statements for Government Agencies Based on Accrual SAP held by the Center for Domestic Studies and Government Science (2019)
Technical Guidance "Implementation of Government Regulation Number 30 Year 2019 concerning Performance Assessment of Civil Servants Using Internet Application Practices" organized by P2BKNBANPROSDAP (2019)
Training for Government Goods / Services Procurement Batch I of 2019 Organized by the Budget and Treasury Education and Training Center, Financial Education and Training Agency, Ministry of Finance (2019)
Bimtek Analisis Jabatan, Analisis Beban Kerja Dan EvaluasiJabatan Dalam Rangka Percepatan Pelaksanaan Reformasi BirokrasiPemerintah yang diselenggarakan oleh Pusat Kajian Dalam Negeri danIlmu Pemerintahan (PUSKDAGRI&IP) (2020)

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