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The pioneer of the development of an intelligent, wise, and nationalized economic life through education and economic development


  • Organizing education & teaching, research & development, and community service within the scope of economic education and economic development
  • Promote the culture of people who live economically smart and wise in schools, communities, and locations that are developing.
  • Developing models, approaches, and applications for economic education / learning in the setting of schooling and economic development
  • Competence of graduates

  • Intelligent and wise in thinking, making professional decisions and actions in the field of economic education / teaching and economic development programs
  • Responsive to issues, problems, and changes that take place in the context of economic education & learning and economic development
  • Mastering the knowledge, skills, and attitudes / values required in preparing syntheses and alternative solutions to economic education / learning problems and economic development
  • Productive, creative and innovative in the assessment & development of education as well as sustainable economic development

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